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Catch and use rain water!

We are blessed with groundwater through both shallow and deep aquifer, but that is no reason to use this water where we can conserve by using stored rainwater. Madison should develop a system for harvesting and using rainwater - for example in watering trees in boulevards and golf courses. This will protect our groundwater -- an essential resource in the determinants of health for all.

Response: Madison Parks continues to evaluate options related to lowering runoff and retaining stormwater to the extent possible in all new projects. We will continue to evaluate the idea of capturing and repurposing stormwater in colloration with the Stormwater Utilitiy. In addition to citywide stormwater management, rain barrels for individual properties are sold annually each spring by the Streets Division. Also, road reconstruction projects oftentimes provide the opportunity to install raingardens in the terrace. Residential homeowners are offered the option of building a rain garden to reduce runoff and protect local waterways, whenever practicable.

Submitted by skpastor 11 months ago

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  1. This will be an important conservation measure as we try to sustain our existence on the planet.

    11 months ago
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  2. great idea--so much benefit for so little cost, all it takes is some public education and maybe provision of rain barrels--we can do it for waste, why not to save our water and keep it clean?

    10 months ago
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