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Affordable After School

Keeping children and youth safe during after school hours is critical. High quality programs support many areas important to children's development including homework help, academic enrichments, social skills, leadership development, and provide a much needed resource for families in our community!

Response: Operating budget recommendations seeks support for staff involved in efforts to link Madison youth to available programming and identify unmet need for youth services.

Submitted by Mary Angela 11 months ago

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  1. I don't know what joseph means by Entrepreneur's Academy. I do know that the Simpson Street Free Press, once supported by the city, provides a remarkable after-school all-academic program where older students guide younger students in the development of writing and leadership skills. I worry sometimes that the city funding gets "stuck" with the neighborhood centers who have provided programs for many years, and that innovative or needed new programs don't have adequate opportunity for support.

    11 months ago
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  2. Please remember to include programming for homeless and very low-income children. They often cannot access programming that is considered "affordable" to others. Please also make sure that the group leaders for these programs have been trained in trauma informed care, since many of these children have experience much trauma in their lives. Also, I would encourage some programming for parents and children together, since quality time together during the chaos of homelessness is important.

    11 months ago
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